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MyMagStore.com was started in 2005 when we discovered the difficulty in trying to buy a single issue of a particular magazine or newspaper online. There were dozens of websites where you could order a subscription, but nowhere to buy just one copy.

In 2010 MyMagStore.com was acquired by Bulldog News, the largest independent newsstand in Seattle, in continuous operation since 1983 at the same location in Seattle's University District. 

InmateMAGS.com went online in 2011 to better serve our customers in prison.  We provide additional relevant information that those ordering on the web site can use to make decisions and answer questions regarding sending magazines to inmates in prisons at all levels in the United States.

And we still carry approximately 2000 magazines, and can print over 1500 current issues of newspapers from 65 countries in 37 languages.

We currently list only a portion of our inventory online, those titles that we can reliably predict to have in stock when you order. However, since we sometimes do sell out, occasionally we will not have what you ordered. If that happens, our policy is to try to fill your order by searching all available local sources to find your magazine.

Our site continually changes as titles are added and removed, or simply updated with current issue information. If you have a title you can't locate, contact us. We may well have it, or we'll try to find it for you.