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Return Policies

   Note: No other known vendor selling magazines to prisoners offers store credit or refunds of any kind. 

>> Does inmatemags.com accept returns?

Due to the perishable nature of the magazines, the answer has to be NO. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
If we shipped you a different title from the one you ordered, we will, of course, make it right. ­­
We will ship you the most current issue we have at that time.

>> What if your prison order is returned?

Returned magazines must be received back at inmatemags.com within 60 days of initial shipment
or no credit can be applied to the account.

Generally no credit will be issued for shipping & handling—Credit is issued only for the magazines.
We send notification via US Mail to the inmate - we do not notify the sender.

 >> What happens if an order is missing but NOT returned to inmatemags.com?

If we can show delivery confirmation to the address provided, and if the order is not returned to us, we will NOT issue credit.
Our responsibility is to ship and deliver a properly addressed package to the facility mail room. 
We cannot control what happens to your package once it arrives in the facility.

   Return Policies for these circumstances    

1. inmatemags ships an incorrect order

If we put an incorrect delivery address on the package, or if we cannot show proof of delivery,
we will reship at our expense or issue full credit, including shipping and handling.

2. The inmate is transferred to a different address

We will issue Store Credit only for 100% of the magazines returned.
You must pay shipping and handling for items reshipped.

3. An inmate is released or the order is rejected because we are not an approved vendor

We issue a Store Credit for 100% of the face value of the magazines returned.

4. More magazines are ordered than the facility allows and they are returned

We will issue Store Credit for 100% of the magazines only. 
Shipping and handling for reshipping items will be paid again by the customer.

5. Orders are returned for rejected content

Option A: If the offending magazine is identified, we will pull it out and reship the order,
giving no credit for the offending magazine -- it pays the extra postage
 Option B: We do not reship but issue 100% Store Credit for all the magazines.

6. All Store Credits expire after 6 months from date of the original order.

7. We do not issue credit for returned catalogs or newsletters.