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                          Magazine Return Log by State

We ship to all facilities - these are just those we have had returns from since January, 2012.

Experience shows that 4-5% of inmate orders will be returned!   
Use this log to stop your orders from being returned by making wise choices.  

Just select the state and find your facility to see if we have had returns from there.             >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

These are the most common reasons for PREVENTABLE returns:
1.  Too many magazines: most facilities have a limit - find out what it isFederal is usually a 5 magazine limit.  AS OF DECEMBER 2014, IT APPEARS THE SAFE NUMBER FOR FEDERAL INMATES IS NOW 3!!
2.  Too much skin or nudity:  The guys all like Playboy, Smooth Girl and Maxim, etc, but many facilities ban them.
3.  Certain genres can be banned, such as tattoos and hip hop.
4.  Some facilities only allow subscriptions - no single copies.  Those facilities are noted in the Return Log

Also see our Return Policy.
For help on how to proceed, see What to Send.

We started logging returns in January of 2012 and will continue to do so.  We are providing this log of magazine returns at all levels of correctional facilities as we receive them so you can be better informed about what might be permissible at the facility you are sending to.  This list is not by any means meant to replace research you and the inmate should do before ordering magazines, and it is far from complete. 

We will be adding to this list on a weekly basis as we receive returns.  If you have a specific return story, email us at info@inmatemags.com and we will add it to the log.