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 IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all InmateMAGS.com customers!!

We are sad to announce that over the month of March, InmateMags.com will be winding down its business and will close on March 30.

Until the end of May, Inmatemags staff will continue to process refunds of money on account and fulfill orders with return coupon vouchers. Over the next several weeks, our reps will be answering phones at the times listed below, and responding to email. Refer to the information below for complete details about the transition.

Beginning March 10
th,, MyMagStore.com (www.mymagstore.com) will begin accepting web orders for delivery to inmates. MyMagStore.com is a web-only service that offers most of the same magazines for purchase for inmates. Your order will be shipped promptly to your facility in exactly the same way as inmatemags.com.

Order Processing

MyMagStore will operate with important changes to ordering and account procedures.

· All orders through MyMagStore.com will require a secondary email confirmation prior to shipping, to insure that customers understand the more restrictive terms which MyMagStore will need to apply.

· There is no increase in price at MyMagStore, but refunds vouchers will not be issued for magazines which were properly delivered to a Prison facility, and no funds will be kept “on account” for prisoners.


It has been our pleasure to provide the Inmate and Inmate Families with magazines and subscriptions over the last seven years and we thank you for your business and ongoing support. We have a deep appreciation of the challenges faced by prisoners and their families and hope that our associates at MyMagStore will continue to serve your needs.


  How to place your order on MyMagStore.com  

§ Go to the MyMagStore home page at http://www.mymagstore.com to find most of the same selection, departments and categories as InmateMAGS.com.

§ You can set up a new web account or log in using a guest account at MyMagStore to order magazines using your credit card.

  InmateMAGS Phones

§ Ordering magazines for prisoners BY PHONE at InmateMAGS.com will NOT BE AVAILABLE.

§ During the March closing of InmateMAGS.com, phone service reps will assist you with your previous orders or your account during these dates and hours:

o MARCH 12-16: 11 AM-3 PM, PST

o MARCH 19-23: 11 AM-3 PM, PST

§ At all other times of the day and month, InmateMAGS.com phones will answer with recorded informational messages about MyMagStore services and policies.

  InmateMAGS Mail Orders

§ Ordering magazines BY MAIL from InmateMAGS.com will NOT BE AVAILABLE.

§ Checks received after March 1 in the mail WILL BE RETURNED TO THE CUSTOMER.
This applies to

o Checks for the purchase of specific magazines, newsletter subscriptions, catalogs

o Checks to add to funds to an existing account with InmateMAGS.com

§ Mail orders without a check that use funds from an account with a remaining balance will be filled by sending the requested magazines to the customer. If there are any additional funds left on account after this FINAL Order, please execute a formal request for a refund as described below.

§ For a refund of the balance on your account, InmateMAGS.com will respond to a written, mailed or emailed refund request with a refund check. Requests must include the prisoner name, ID number and correct, complete address for the sent refund check. This check can be made payable only to the prisoner, or the individual who originally paid on the prisoner’s behalf. Refunds can also be directed to the credit card that was originally used to place the order.

  Newsletter and Catalog Orders   
  • Color newsletter subscriptions will be terminated as of the February 2018 issue. The cash value of the remaining time on a subscription will be added to your customer account balance.
  • During the transition, catalogs will NOT be available for sale until an updated, replacement publication for MyMagStore is created.